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Unique Mother’s Day cards

We offer unique Mother’s Day cards in the form of a simple puzzle with a mystery message that remains a secret until the puzzle is assembled. Puzzle Hugs offers Mother’s Day card designs that fit any taste. From elegant designs to fun and cute there is a... read more

We’re Back!!!!

We would like to give all our regular customers a big apology for being gone so long. We had majors problems with our printing equipment but the issues have finally been resolved and we are back better than ever. We are also getting back on track at adding new designs... read more

Announcing Color Me puzzle line

A lot of people love puzzles. A lot of people love to color. Our new line of color me puzzles is perfect for the people of love to do both. First the recipient gets the fun of assembling the puzzle. Once it is assembled then comes the fun of coloring it to make it... read more

Welcome to Puzzle Hugs!

Puzzle Hugs was hatched by a couple of puzzle lovers who wanted to give their customers a fun way to send sentiments to their friends and family We are a new site so the selection is a little slim at the moment but we are working hard to add new designs on a regular... read more